About The Project

With the approach of the 41th cycle of daily Rambam study, Mishneh Torah can now be learned alongside the Rebbe’s teachings.

After years of work, the Rebbe’s teachings on Rambam – delivered over a half a century – are finally being published in a commentary format.

The Rebbe’s teachings bring an innovative, in-depth, and as-yet unexplored perspective to the study of Rambam. This fourteen volume series represents a true revolution in the Jewish bookshelf.

Over the years, the Rebbe delivered thousands of chidushim and thoughts on the Rambam, but they remained scattered throughout the many volumes of his teachings: from his correspondence with Torah scholars in his youth, to his notes and glosses, responsa to questions that reached him from all over the world, and of course, from tens of thousands of hours of sichos where he compared, explained and expounded the Rambam with eye-opening clarity – all in his revolutionary, innovative and insightful style.

All of this has been compiled and rewritten in clear, concise language, culled from Reshimos, Sichos, Toras Menachem, Yein Malchus and Igros Kodesh — creating this amazing product: Pardes Hamelech.